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Fuji Xerox has always done its utmost to give back to the communities that sustain its business by being a customer-driven organization which adheres to a "Good Company" concept first pioneered in 1992. According to this concept, a good company should be "strong", ‘kind" and "interesting". A "strong" company delivers consistently excellent products and services that satisfy customers, and continually reward shareholders. A "kind" company contributes to local and global communities in terms of its environmental conservation efforts, ethical behavior and social contributions. Employees who work with "interesting" companies tend to enjoy more personally and professionally fulfilling careers. We aim to be a company that optimally balances all three qualities.

Sustainability & Energy Policy

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited will, under the corporate culture's vision, "Good Company Concept", strive to satisfy all stakeholders by offering products, services and solutions that are safe and kind to the society, environment and people.

360° Sustainable Value Chain

Fuji Xerox has a longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible product design, industry-leading print management services and solutions and an end-of-life resource recovery program that is second to none.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Management Services

Helping companies embark on a sustainability journey by providing innovative services and solutions

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