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Fuji Xerox’s research and development focuses on addressing the management challenges of our customers in the area of Document Service and Communication to “build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge.”

Fundamental Technologies

Our work on fundamental technologies to provide customers with high-quality and highly reliable products and services

Providing New Value and Strengthening the R&D Network

Our new R&D structure, value creation, and global R&D network

Fuji Xerox Design

Our approach to "Human-Centered Design" from the standpoints of usability, harmony with the environment, and benefit to customers

Four Main Technology Areas

Digital Imaging Technology, Capturing Technology, Content Handling and Processing Technology, and Delivering Technology

Technologies that Support Our Products, Solutions, and Services

An introduction to our technologies that support our products, solutions, and services

Intellectual Property Activities

Our efficient intellectual property activities for creating technology assets

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