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Transactional Printing


Fuji Xerox provides multiple printing services in Hong Kong printing industry. Not only supports transactional printing services, our digital workflow solutions include digital production system and freeflow software, help to reduce costs and increase productivity. 


With Freeflow promotional transactional solutions, you can add VI capabilities to your existing workflow to enable these and many other applications.

Statement with Personalized Marketing Message

  • Customer-data drives personalized marketing message for cross-selling
  • Maximize the cross-selling response rate and ROI

Data Driven Graphics

  • Customer data drives color-coded graphics
  • Variety of formats including pie charts, bar graphs, and tables

Intelligent Coding

  • Communicates customer information
  • Relays finishing requirements for streamlined document production

Personalized Digital Forms

  • Print static and variable data in a single pass
  • Reduce costs associated with maintaining forms' inventory

Rich, Relevant Content

  • Variable data-driven images and messages customize and personalize content
  • Target customer specific needs and interests


  • Get your marketing message noticed and move customers to act.
  • Deliver customer documents over the Web to deepen your customer relationship.
  • Increase response rates and profits by adding special offers and promotions to transactional documents.
  • Produce most variable data documents at rated speeds to keep throughput and productivity high.
  • Reduce costs by sending targeted messages to customers most likely to respond based on past behavior.
  • Leverage existing customer data and legacy applications with output management tools for most efficient use of resources.
  • Make the most of your existing equipment investments and enable new profitable applications.
  • Reduce cost of maintaining inventory of preprinted forms and reduce waste associated with outdated forms.

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