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Confident Color Program


Needs differ. Expectations don’t. Every customer is unique. And they all want different types of jobs. But there is one constant—a universal expectation that the color you produce will match their unique requirements, every time.

Delivering on this expectation takes more than just a single piece of software or a stand-alone technology. It requires a partner with a fully integrated approach to color management—one that combines years of experience in the production print market with industry-leading digital technology, processes and solutions that can help you delight customers, produce more jobs, reduce your costs, and grow your business. It takes Fuji Xerox Confident Color.

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    Phone: (852) 2513 2513 (Hong Kong)
    (853) 2855 8008 (Macau)

Business Challenges

Regardless of how straightforward or complex your color management needs, Fuji Xerox can help. Fuji Xerox Confident Color delivers industry-leading color solutions, so you can focus on the challenge of developing your business into one that is stronger, more responsive, more flexible… more confident.
Diagram of Confident Color Program


Hassel-free color management and maintenance services provided by Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) color experts. 



Confident Color Package

Professional Color Care Services


Get it matched

  • Color profile creation for DocuColor 1450GA digital proofer;
  • Color match a sample/color reference; (i.e. Press target or ISO 12647-8)
  • System setup;
  • Assign Color Profile;
  • Daily color quality control procedure training.

Maintain with care

  • Pre-scheduled on-site color maintenance services;
  • Apply sophisticated P-ASCOT tools and strict control procedures for DocuColor 1450GA hardware maintenance;
  • Color profile maintenance services deliver by FograDPE (Digital Print Expert). 


  • Hassel Free color management support services by Fuji Xerox color expert;
  • Achieve accurate and repeatable color;
  • Enhance color consistency from job to job, from time to time, from device to device;
  • Improve print quality and job turnaround time;
  • Reduce wastage and cost.

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Remarks: The above services only apply to DocuColor 1450GA Digital Color Proofer only.


From cutting edge technology to value added services, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) has just the right technology, workflow and professional team to address our customers’ business requirements and challenges.

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In the aspect of color management, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) has:

  • A team of 8 FograCert Digital Print Experts and G7 Experts – the largest team in the industry.
  • A comprehensive range of color management solutions which include Fuji Xerox Color Profile Maker Pro (CPMP), CGS Oris, and EFI Color Profiler Suite etc.
  • Fleet of Fogra Certified Validation Printing System ranging from DocuColor 1450GA to Color 1000 Press.

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