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Business Process Optimization

Fuji Xerox business process optimization (BPO) services help streamline your business process workflow with fast, accurate, secure and managed outsourcing model by our best practice people, process and technology.

Imaging & Document Management Services

Digitize and manage documents for fast access to business-critical information. We offer comprehensive capabilities, from document scanning and conversion through electronic document management and storage. We help you reduce unnecessary waste of time and money spent on information search and paper storage.

Managed Account Payable Services

Reduce complexity of customer account management with an agile, digital approach. We give you instant access to client account information by securely scanning and storing all client documents in an electronic repository. You can easily manage account information and meet regulatory and legal requirements for account communications, while reducing document processing costs and accelerating your cash flow.

Finance & Administration Services

Streamline your business processes for immediate access to your organization’s financial information. Using business process reengineering, we digitize and streamline the flow of "unstructured" documents, integrating them into your existing Enterprise Resource Planning data and providing your finance people with easy, web-based access to the information they need.

Product Lifecycle Content Service

Derive maximum value from your document management processes. We help you to create, localize, and manage product documentation for a successful launch into the market with an efficient document information lifecycle, you can bring products to market faster, reuse and control sensitive content with greater accuracy, and operate your global operations with greater efficacy.

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