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Human Resources Management


People is the key to success in modern business world. Without a robust and flexible HR system, companies will struggle to manage their human resources efficiently. Headcount budgeting, personnel administration, payroll and benefit calculation, implementation of appraisal management system, staff training, leave management and attendance management will become real challenges. Furthermore, the overall employee satisfaction and HR efficiency will be undermined if the HR system fails to adopt the increasingly important mobile and information technologies.

Vantis HRM


Personnel –

The personal information can be stored in multiple records to facilitate search, staff development and succession planning. Email alerts are available for probation completion and other documents with expiry date, such as work permits, visas and contracts. Besides, appraisal forms can be customized according to different roles / positions.

Attendance –

It supports most door access systems, and employees’ clock in/out records can be automatically imported to the HR system for payroll calculation and report generation.

Payroll –

The system supports multiple payroll periods by company and payment line, and offers provisional payroll update to verify the results before conducting the actual payroll update. Payment slips can also be printed or sent by encrypted emails. To ensure compliance, sophisticated payroll calculations, such as back pay, RSE, minimum wage and taxation calculation, are supported.

Leave –

All leave types are customizable according to the leave policy and rounding rules. The system will automatically calculate the leave balance for a new year based on the entitlement and forfeit policy of each position. Untaken leave(s) will be compensated by leave payment upon termination.

Report –

Comprehensive statutory and managerial reports and statistics are available. All reports can be exported as Excel or PDF files. The “Information Export” function also allows users to generate a query report easily by themselves.

Statistics –

The comprehensive statutory and managerial reports and statistics can be exported as Excel or PDF files. The integrated “Information Export” tool ensures an easy generation of query reports by the users.

Employee Self Service –

Employees can enter the following information for management approval, which will be delivered by email through the integrated workflow.

The Mobile App maximizes the advantages of mobility in modern world as remote employees can easily submit their leave requests and expense claims using their mobile devices.

Recruitment –

The system is linked to the job application form, will notify candidates of the interview arrangement by email and supports onboarding management.

Goal Management –

The Talent Management System helps organizations train and develop their staff in an effective way.


Fuji Xerox’s Human Resources solution helps you manage the workforce, improve human resources processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for higher efficiency and lower costs across the company.

-       Support multi-country compliance (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia)

-       Automate payroll process

-       Flexible HR reporting

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