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Print Management

Fuji Xerox Print Management is a manageability solution that helps an organization to build a smart office in today's dynamic business environment. It transforms your business to achieve a sustainable growth and develops a streamlined workflow to ensure office data security as well as make the best use of resources.

The Fuji Xerox Print Management includes Smart Analytics, ApeosWare My Document Portal PRO, Octopus Solutions, AMDP Report and Card Reader.

Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics is a print management system which provides user with an intuitive and interactive dashboard. It aims to transform data into actionable insights by showing the key smart office environmental factors, and usage of paper, electricity and water in a single platform.

ApeosWare My Document Portal PRO

ApeosWare My Document Portal v5 PRO (AMDP v5 PRO) is a flagship manageability solution that uniquely combines print management and sustainability analysis.

Octopus Solutions

With Octopus's vast customer base and enormous self service in the market, Fuji Xerox Octopus Solution enables organizations to effectively manage their printing environments, reduce costs and increase document security. The solutions offer convenience, flexibility and ease of management.

AMDP Report

AMDP report provides an easy way to manage Fuji Xerox multifunctional devices including devices status monitoring, meter reading and usage reports by using an internet browser. It is saving time, money and manpower.

Card Reader

Card Reader or Proximity IC Card Reader is a hardware which provides authentication for a multifunctional device. Users only need to tap their proximity IC card over the card reader that is connected to a multifunctional device. Only those users who are authenticated can utilize the device such as for copy, fax, print or scan. It is designed for enhancing both security and convenience.

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